House Fire – 2103 44th St

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4/8/2013 – Late Saturday evening, Parkersburg firefighters responded to a house fire at 2103 44th St. (off of Stella St.). The resident, Barbara Waters, told 9-1-1 dispatchers that there was heavy smoke coming from her laundry room.

When the first engine arrived, they found fire around the hot water heater area of the laundry/utility room. The fire was quickly extinguished and structural damage was limited to the room of origin.

“Our investigators remained on scene until after midnight. They believe the fire originated with materials stored in close proximity to the gas hot water tank,” said Fire Chief Eric Taylor.

The occupant and her two dogs made it outside to safety without injury. Property damage was limited to approximately $2,500.

“The occupant was going to stay with a neighbor for the evening, but after the hot water tank and some damaged wiring is replaced, she should be back in the home,” adds Taylor.

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