Christmas in the Fire Station

by Lt. Harry Flinn
Fire Station 2, December 25, 1988

Christmas morning in the fire house as I look around,
There are not many faces to be found,
There is no tree or presents here,
As out to hose the ramp, we are abound.

We are always ready and do this without scorn,
And soon there may come a call on the horn.
Then out and about,
We will go, to put the fire out.

We will try,
While those who have weekends at home,
will say, “Me oh my”. Soon, on one they will tie.

I am having trouble getting this to rhyme,
Oh well, maybe I will get weekends off,
when I get some time.

Now I am looking, at the calendar on the wall,
I stumble back, and try not to fall,
For this I cannot believe,
Sure enough, I work New Year’s Eve.

Sometimes I wish, Christmas came more than once a year,
But if it did, guess who would be here!
Yes, we are on duty and doing our best,
And as usual, we just had a Reacom Alarm Test.

Then out on the ramp, there was such a clatter,
I jumped from my chair and through up the sash,
To see what was the matter?

Hoping to see. . .
Someone coming in – to work for me.
I am having so much fun, in so many ways,
Now I have to watch, that no one takes my “Gainer Days”.

And then as the day, started to bog,
Here comes Burl, with a half gallon of egg nog.
Then later, just as we thought our luck had run out,
Here came some church people, passing cookies out.

Talk about Christmas, cheer and fun,
You’ve never had it,
‘ til you eat Christmas Dinner, at Fire Station One.

And just when I thought, my day would be a total loss,
I went to the office, to wish a Merry Christmas to the “Big Boss”.
Then on the door, I knocked and knocked,
It made me very sad, to find it locked.

I walked away saying, I’ve had enough,
When I realized Gainer was sitting at home,
In the middle of his “Christmas Stuff”.

When back in the Station, the pumper tucked neatly away,
I heard someone exclaim,
“No Bradford, No Jackson,” on this Christmas Day!

They say, get the Christmas spirit,
Which I tend to ignore,
For you see, I have worked three Christmas Days,
Out of the last four!

Oh yes, we did, clean up according to plan,
And thank goodness the lid was not on the trash can.
I stand at the window, what a beautiful day,
Two or three more shifts, I wish I could stay.

The sun is starting to fall,
Is is almost five, by the clock on the wall .
Yes, we are still on duty, and ready for call,
While the weekday crew is at home, having a ball.

Coffee and cookies, we’ve had all day long,
So Christmas Day in the Firehouse, can’t be all wrong.
Out the window, there is nothing to see,
The entertainment is so poor, we have our tube on MTV.

We’ve swept the floor and cleaned the bay,
Even thinking of reading a chapter of N.F.P.A.
It’s Christmas Day, this is a factor,
Sure am glad, my back is not hurting,
For I could not go see the chiropractor.

Now, it is nearing halftime, and
Christmas will be over in a little bit,
We are hoping we don’t have to say, “2’s Got It!”

From Station 2, Merry Christmas to all,
It’s been such a treat,
For the weekend crew,
at 16th and Covert Streets.