College Campus Fire Safety

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September has been designated as “Campus Fire Safety Month”, with the goal of raising national awareness about the importance of protecting our young adults while they are away at college.

In college housing, fires average $25 million in property damages per year. Carelessness with smoking materials and candles are the leading causes of civilian campus deaths. Other common factors in campus fatalities are missing or disabled smoke detectors and impaired judgment from alcohol use.

The Parkersburg Fire Department, suggests the following tips to reduce fire risks:

  • NEVER disable smoke alarms
  • Inspect exit doors and windows to make sure they are working properly
  • Know how to properly notify 911 system
  • Always participate in fire drills and practice escape routes
  • Smoke only outside the building
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets
  • Don’t burn candles
  • Take EVERY alarm seriously – it could be the real event!

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