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The word chiminea refers to several different styles and types, but the word generally refers to outdoor fireplaces. These outdoor, clay fireplaces have existed for hundreds of years and have been used by many cultures worldwide.

They are strictly for use outside and should never be operated over any combustible materials like a wooden deck or a back porch. They are never to be used indoors or in an enclosed area such as a garage. Most of these “firepots” do not come with instructions and are not UL listed. Very few people actually know how to properly use one or maintain one.

We recommend the following when using a chiminea:

  • Not to be used for the disposal of combustible waste, brush or garden refuse.
  • All fires shall be attended at all times. The hot chiminea should always be considered a hazard to curious children.
  • A means of extinguishment shall be kept on hand for all fires (i.e. water hose, water in container or fire extinguisher)
  • Should not be located near combustible materials including but not limited to buildings, fences, patio decks, trees and brush.
  • Follow any additional instructions (if included) that come with the product.
Questions regarding their use should be directed to Captain Tim Flinn, Chief Fire Inspector:

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