Firefighters Complete Instructor Training

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07/11/2013 – Several Parkersburg firefighters recently completed 48 hours of training to become certified at the level of Fire Instructor 2. With this certification, they will be able to function as a lead instructor.

The firefighters completing certification include:

  • Pvt. Kevin Ackerman
  • Lt. Doug Ashley
  • Lt. Brandon Brown
  • Pvt. Randy Delancy
  • Pvt. Jason Fleak, Training Officer
  • Lt. Jason Mathews
  • Lt. Mike Pifer
  • Lt. Tom Werry

Once they complete their student teaching, more of the ever increasing mandated training will be able to be completed in-house. The department intends to host training classes for other fire departments in the region, as well as CPR and other classes for the public.







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